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Temple alum tells story of women in the Civil Rights Movement

Temple alum tells story of women in civil rights movement
It was a trip down South with her husband, and getting lost along the way, that led Joan Sadoff, a Temple alumna, to her first documentary “Philadelphia, Mississippi.” 
In 1992, Sadoff and her husband, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Robert Sadoff, followed the Freedom Trail through southern civil rights sites.  When they got lost in Mississippi, they asked a woman for directions and she told them that if they had a tape recorder, she and others had stories they wanted to tell.  This chance meeting led to their first documentary.  
Posted:  March 16, 2015

SSW Chair Discusses Mental Illness and Solitary Confinement

Temple University College of Public Health School of Social Work Chair Jeff Draine Philadelphia Pennsylvania

An investigation over a decade in the making has lead the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) to abolish solitary confinement as a punishment for inmates with serious mental illness. The DOC will now create specialized units that will treat inmates with “intellectual disability or mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and major depression.” 

Posted:  January 9, 2015

Awards given to CPH's Institute of Protective Services

The Schuylkill Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance (SEAPA) recently honored the College of Public Health's Institute of Protective Services with several Hornbrook Memorial Awards.

Ronald W. Costen, a professor and director of the institute, received the individual award, while Linda Mill, investigations manager, and Allison Benkert, financial crimes investigator, received the group awards.  The Institute of Protective Services provides educational opportunities and investigative consultation to the Commonwealth´s 52 area agencies on aging and local law enforcement.

Posted:  May 16, 2014

Call for Nominations for 2014 Student Awards & Scholarships TU SSW students

In an effort to recognize the contributions and commitment that Temple SSW students offer to both the Temple University School of Social Work and the profession as a whole, SSW offers a variety of awards and scholarships to both bachelors and masters-level students. These awards & scholarships are available to all Temple University School of Social Work Students regardless of geographic location.

Posted:  February 25, 2014

MSW Student Nominated to 2013 UN Refugee Congress

Temple University School of Social Work MSW student Lourena Gboeah was recently selected to serve as a delegate from the state of Delaware in the 2013 Refugee Congress hosted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The Refugee Congress is composed of 50 delegates from each state, all of whom entered the U.S. as a refugee or asylee.  The Congress advocates for refugees around the world in the areas of entry and resettlement services by persuading members of the United States Congress to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). 

Posted:  January 7, 2014