The Research, Engagement and Advocacy for Community Participation and Health (REACH) Lab focuses on outcome-based research related to areas that impact community participation and health for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and/or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). In all aspects of our work, we engage stakeholders in research planning and decision-making and are committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with community partners. The lab focuses on the development of interventions and outcome measures to support engagement in meaningful activities in the community for individuals with ASD and/or IDD. Current areas of research in the lab include:

  • Interventions for community mobility and transportation
  • Refinement and development of measures to assess person and environment fit for employment
  • Peer support interventions and strategies for engagement in research
  • Refinement and development of measures for transitional skills and community participation

We have extensive research collaborations that have allowed us to extend our work nationally and are dedicated to advancing community participation and health of individuals with ASD and/or IDD.

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Lab director Beth Pfeiffer is also associated with the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion.


Beth Pfeiffer

Associate Professor
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
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