A graphic of the Philadelphia skyline where the buildings are composed of the names of CPH academic programs, and underneath, text that reads "Temple University College of Public Health: Make your impact"

In the classroom, you will learn valuable knowledge and build your skills, but it is in co-curricular experiences that you apply what you have learned and put your skills into action. Through the College of Public Health IMPACT program, you will develop competencies that prepare you to join the workforce, engage in research, and make an impact in ways both large and small.

The IMPACT program is offered to all College of Public Health and School of Social Work students, and your progress will follow you through your time as a student. Your participation deepens your engagement in all of the activities and opportunities the college has to offer, focusing on core values that serve as the foundation of your professional and educational identity: 

  • Inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility. We believe that health is a basic human right, and we work to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to find health and well-being. 
  • Meaningful interprofessional education, research and practice: We affirm that working across professions is a mindset that is needed in the classrooms, workforce and research centers of tomorrow. 
  • Personal and professional growth: Beyond the development of knowledge, we know that it is also important to develop a sense of self and to build toward career aspirations. 
  • Advocacy to advance change: As health and social service professionals, we are leaders in speaking up to make way for change in our institutions, our communities and our professions. 
  • Community building and collaboration: We are better together, bridging to the gap between academics and community partners to define the problems of the day and seek innovative solutions. 
  • Translation of knowledge into research and research into practice: We work to create a cycle of change that includes both the generation of new knowledge and putting that knowledge to work in new practices, policies and systems to improve health. 


If you have any questions about IMPACT, please email IMPACTcph@temple.edu.