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The Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is at the forefront of developing innovative academics, research, and social-justice programs aimed at both preventing injury and disability and helping those who have illnesses, short-term injuries, or long-term physical or psychological disabilities lead full, satisfying and meaningful lives.

The department encompasses the following areas of study:

Our programs train clinicians who provide advanced therapies and treatments ranging from injury prevention and wellness protection to adaptation and rehabilitation—all focused on improving and protecting patients’ quality of life and overall well-being. In addition, our undergraduate health professions degree prepares students for graduate study in these areas.

The department also offers accelerated programs in athletic training, physical therapy and recreational therapy, enabling students to earn their bachelor's and a graduate degree sooner than if they were to complete two distinct programs.

Our faculty are committed to research and scholarly activities and support our community through clinics and other programs. 

The department is committed to research across each of its disciplines.