Dr. Stephen Lepore’s research in the Social and Behavioral Health Interventions Lab focuses on cancer prevention, control and survivorship, with an emphasis on developing theoretically informed social and behavioral interventions to improve the quality of life in people who have had cancer and to promote healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors that might lead to the prevention or early detection and treatment of cancer. Of particular interest to Dr. Lepore is the impact of cancer on interpersonal relationships and how relationship dynamics with family, friends, healthcare providers, and other cancer survivors can influence psychosocial adjustment to cancer. His work in this area has culminated in the Social Cognitive Processing model of adjustment to cancer, which has been used as the basis for designing individual, group and internet-based interventions to improve quality of life in cancer survivors. In addition, Dr. Lepore is highly committed to reducing the burden of cancer in high-risk populations, such as low-income and African American communities where exposures to cancer risk factors are high and cancer outcomes are poor. Efforts to reduce cancer disparities have included an intervention to promote informed decision-making about prostate cancer testing among African American men and an intervention to promote smoking cessation and reduce harms of secondhand smoke exposure in low-income African American families. New research directions are focusing on using technology, such as the internet, mobile phones and electronic medical records, to increase the reach and efficacy of social and behavioral interventions. For example, ongoing trials investigate the psychological and social benefits of online support groups for cancer survivors and the use of mHealth (text messaging, mobile apps) to promote health behavior change. Dr. Lepore is also affiliated with Fox Chase Cancer Center.


Stephen J Lepore

Social and Behavioral Sciences
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