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The College of Public Health’s diversity committee works to support policies and procedures that promote diversity, equity and inclusion. 

We embrace the differences, values and unique qualities of every individual. We are committed to building a diverse educational community founded on respect, open-mindedness and appreciation of others. We understand that diversity is expressed in myriad forms, including—but not limited to—race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, culture, national origin, religious commitments, age, disability status and political perspectives. 

Our policies, practices and programs treat everyone equally, respectfully and impartially. They exemplify our commitment to civility, non-discrimination and pluralism, encouraging dialogue that builds meaningful and collaborative relationships throughout our academic, service and research programs.

We promote a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment in which to work, learn and grow. We are committed to pursuing deliberate efforts to make our college a place where differences are welcomed and celebrated.

Our diverse learning environment

As a student in the College of Public Health, you will explore diversity, cultural competence and health disparities within your coursework, and you will have the added benefit of learning and living with students, faculty and staff who are similar yet different from you, thanks to the diversity that exists within our college. Temple University and the College of Public Health are known for the diversity within our student body. 

Studying in our diverse environment will allow you to explore your own values and how they influence your thoughts and behaviors. It will also prepare you to more effectively work in the health and human services fields, because you will value the uniqueness of each client and group that you serve.

Embrace this unique aspect of your Temple education by participating in one of the many service learning opportunities sponsored by the Office for Clinical Practice and Field Education.