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The MS in Kinesiology program is no longer accepting applicants.

If you are an athletic trainer seeking an advanced degree, you may apply to our Doctor of Athletic Training​ (DAT) program.
If you are interested in becoming an athletic trainer but you are not one currently, you may apply to our Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program.

The Master of Science in Kinesiology at Temple’s College of Public Health prepares students to pursue doctoral programs or research-based and applied careers focused on human movement in all its forms. The degree offers concentrations in two distinct disciplines within kinesiology: Integrative Exercise Physiology and Athletic Training.

Integrative Exercise Physiology (IEP) Concentration

The concentration in Integrative Exercise Physiology trains students in pragmatic understandings of the field of exercise physiology, including in clinical, sport and research settings. Students learn to develop and implement research-informed training programs and exercise prescriptions in order to promote and improve physical fitness and health in individuals. A strong foundation in biomedical research prepares future researchers and trains future health professionals to employ evidence-based practices in their work.

Many graduates of the Kinesiology MS program apply to research-intensive doctoral programs and ultimately become exercise scientists and clinical researchers.

Graduates of this master’s program interested in clinical practice can pursue careers as clinical exercise physiologists who conduct assessments of patients’ cardiovascular, pulmonary and skeletal muscle systems. Exercise physiologists may work in hospitals and rehabilitation centers as part of a healthcare team, and their work contributes to the identification of disease. Graduates can also pursue roles as personal trainers who work with clients to ensure that they exercise in the most effective and safe ways.

Athletic Training (AT) Concentration

The concentration in Athletic Training is open only to currently certified athletic trainers and students currently enrolled in an accredited professional AT program. If you are interested in becoming an athletic trainer but you are not one currently, you should apply to our Master of Science in Athletic Training program.

The research-focused concentration in Athletic Training prepares students to critically evaluate research-based evidence and contribute new knowledge to the discipline through original research. The program is designed for certified athletic trainers who want to build their careers through an understanding of evidence-based practice and advanced experiential knowledge.

The program places particular emphasis on the scientific examination of brain injury, repetitive stress to the upper extremity and sensorimotor control systems. Students are trained to conduct scientific inquiries; evaluate accepted clinical practice; and create, disseminate and clinically apply new knowledge that enhances the proficiency of sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in physically active populations.

Graduates of the Athletic Training program are prepared to become leaders in a wide range of clinical athletic training environments, or pursue advanced research training in doctoral programs such as the Doctor of Athletic Training.