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This is an exciting time for Temple University's College of Public Health.
We are experiencing unprecedented growth in our enrollment, graduate programs and research. Join us as we bring population and individual health together to create a college of public health.
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A new direction in movement research How do we learn and control movement?  That might sound like a basic question, but as the students graduating from the College of Public Health’s new neuromotor science program will tell you, the...
For two faculty members at the College of Public Health, a chance meeting at the college’s new faculty orientation in 2015 has led to a new life off campus as well:  Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Jinsook Roh and Assistant Professor...
Yoga classes. Granola-making. Scrapbooking. It might make you think of a childhood summer camp.  But take a look around Camp Discovery and you’ll see that things are different. Each of the participants is an adult woman—and each is...