Today’s Nursing professionals enjoy a wide range of career opportunities—as clinicians, educators, advocates, influencers and health systems leaders, nurses are committed to service, social justice, equity and community. To become a nurse is to begin a career that connects directly with the sciences and humanities, bringing science to the care of individuals, families, communities and populations. They practice in a range of environments, including in acute care settings like hospitals, where the focus is on restorative care; in primary care settings focusing on health promotion and disease prevention; in schools, working in health promotion and health literacy; and in a broad range of palliative care settings, helping others achieve optimal quality of life and comfort.

Temple's nursing programs  are rooted in partnerships with our community that help educate nurses who persevere and make our communities and the individuals who live in them healthier and better.

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These programs are housed in the Department of Nursing. Learn more about faculty and research opportunities.