CommonHealth, a journal of the College of Public Health at Temple University, is a peer-reviewed, online-only, open access journal for rapid dissemination of high quality research and scholarship related to all aspects of public health. The journal publishes papers of interest to public health scholars in academic, clinical, government and industry roles working on all aspects of major public health issues. CommonHealth reflects the college’s mission—to promote transdisciplinary collaboration and develop the next generation of leaders in research, scholarship, service, and innovation.

The journal welcomes submissions from faculty, student, and alumni authors from Temple University and the public health community at large. The journal accepts both written and multimedia submissions; in addition to original research, the journal publishes review articles and case reports, as well as critical discussions of clinical practice, teaching innovation, and community engagement. Issues are published at least twice annually, with frequent special issues related to hot topics in public health.

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Building on the success of CommonHealth, the college launched CommonVoice, a podcast of Temple University's College of Public Health. This podcast provides a behind-the-scenes look at how and why we do research. What motivates investigators to ask their questions? Why does this research matter to practice or policy? How can we work across disciplines to address the important questions of our day?

CommonVoice makes research more accessible and more achievable for students, staff and faculty alike.

To browse all episodes, visit or search "CommonVoice" on Spotify. You can also listen to the latest episode here: