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Welcome to the College of Public Health, a dynamic and collaborative school with endless opportunities to make an impact on individual, community and population health. Our college breaks the mold from traditional schools of public health, embracing a lens that focuses on the ways that issues in population health can be addressed by any health discipline. We are home to a community of students, staff and faculty across six departments and a School of Social Work; with fields ranging from health education and prevention to disease surveillance to primary care, rehabilitation and social services, we are united in our efforts to promote health and well-being for all.

In our local neighborhoods and around the globe, we face a staggering number of health challenges, and we know that it is only together that we can address them—collaborating with our colleagues and community members to ensure that the knowledge and skills built within our college are translated into real-world impact. Our students, faculty and alumni work side-by-side with communities, whether through local service, clinical care or research that inspires new practices and impactful interventions. Together, we pursue a world in which individuals and populations alike can live rich and full lives no matter their neighborhood, class, ethnic or racial background, gender identity, physical ability or any of the characteristics that make us unique as individuals and unite us across boundaries and barriers. Central to this college is our commitment to making a difference, a responsibility we hold with cultural humility and a deep understanding of the personal impacts of public health.

Across our 20 disciplines and more than 50 academic programs, we are committed to interprofessional education, practice and research. We are preparing our graduates for the workforce of tomorrow by facilitating learning experiences across disciplines. Beyond building knowledge and skills, we engage our students to become catalysts for social justice and health equity through advocacy, policy and practice. It is our belief that health is not only a basic human right—it is essential to a thriving and just society.

Our college holds a long history at Temple University and in Philadelphia, and we celebrate all of those who have brought us to enjoy our current success. Whether you are already part of our College of Public Health community or are a future student, prospective instructor or researcher, or potential partner, I invite you to join us in writing the next chapter of that history as we work together to solve health’s complexities for a better tomorrow.

Jennifer Ibrahim

Dean's Office Units

The College of Public Health houses a robust Dean's Office comprised of nine units that support the needs of faculty, staff and students across the college.

View the College of Public Health's organizational chart (PDF).