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Every month, faculty in the College of Public Health take part in a range of scholarly activities; below are the activities for the month of January 2023.

For news on research publications and grants, please see the college's news feed for in-depth stories and reports. If you are a faculty member and would like your activities included, please contact Lisa Litzinger-Drayton, director of communications and marketing, at lisalitzinger@temple.edu.

Leadership Activities and Fellowships

Honors and Awards

  • Beth Pfeiffer received the 2023 American Occupational Therapy Foundation Leadership Service Commendation Award. The award will be presented at a American Occupational Therapy Foundation VIP reception in Kansas in April, held in conjunction with the AOTA Annual Conference.
  • Felicidad Garcia and Kyle Harris received the College of Public Health Teaching Excellence Award

Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Several students and faculty members from the athletic training program presented at the Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association convention in Boston:

  • Jamie Mansell and Anne C. Russ presented "Sexual Harassment: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Patients"
  • Jane McDevitt with doctoral student Karlee Burns presented "Understanding migraine, post-traumatic headache and the role of the athletic trainer"
  • Alex Hendrick with Anne C. Russ presented "Adverse childhood experiences and burnout in athletic trainers: An exploratory study"
  • Paden Kleinhesselink with faculty members Anne C. Russ, Jamie Mansell and Ryan T. Tierney presented "Dry needling and its effect on chronic pain conditions: A critically appraised topic"
  • Jacob Legan with faculty members Anne C. Russ, Jamie Mansell and Ryan T. Tierney presented "Use of diagnostic ultrasound in evaluating rotator cuff tears: A critically appraised topic"
  • Scottie Patton with Anne C. Russ, Jamie Mansell and Ryan T. Tierney presented "Can hamstring flexibility accurately identify risk of hamstring injury: A critically appraised topic."
  • Alex Bossi with Jane McDevitt presented "Increasing hamstring range of motion via plantar myofascial release"
  • Christine Castillo with Anne C. Russ, Jamie Mansell and Ryan T. Tierney presented "Utilization of heart rate variability-guided training in exercise prescription to improve athletic performance"
  • Rachel Ziner with Anne C. Russ, Jamie Mansell and Ryan T. Tierney presented "The efficacy of cryotherapy on decreasing swelling"
  • Julie Wonch with Jamie Mansell, Elizabeth Neil and collaborators from USC and Indiana State U presented "Athletic training students’ preparation and perception of resources available to them following a critical incident"

Other Activities