Jamie Mansell

Graduate Program Director
Associate Professor of Instruction
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Office of the Dean
Ritter Annex 601


Jamie Mansell is associate dean for undergraduate studies, an associate professor of instruction, and program director of the master's and doctoral athletic training programs in the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She completed her MEd and PhD in kinesiology (with a concentration in athletic training) at Temple University. Research efforts include sexual harassment in athletic training education, cultural competency in athletic training, and athletic training programmatic assessment. Dr. Mansell serves as the secretary for the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers' Society. She is also a member of the CAATE peer review team, the NATA Education Advancement Committee, and an item writer for the Board of Certification. Dr. Mansell has also served as the NATA representative to the U.S. Center for SafeSport to develop training for the recognition and management of sexual harassment and misconduct.


  • PhD, Kinesiology, Temple University
  • MED, Kinesiology, Temple University
  • BS, Athletic Training, Towson University

Curriculum Vitae 

Courses Taught




HRPR 8985

Teaching in Higher Education: Health Professions


HRPR 8987

Teaching in Higher Education Practicum


ATHT 5247

Leadership for the Entry-Level Athletic Trainer


ATHT 8611

Leadership and Cultural Considerations in Athletic Training


ATHT 9601

Capstone in Athletic Training


Selected Publications

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