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Epidemiology student brings study on Philadelphia recreational water to international conference

Reports on Philadelphia’s recreational water quality get an international spotlight this month. While the news isn’t all good, what it could mean for further study is significant.

Shannon McGinnis, a graduate student and research assistant in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, presented findings on Philadelphia’s creeks at the International Conference for Urban Drainage, from Sept. 11 to 15, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Posted:  September 20, 2017

Student Q&A: Looking at the Big Picture of PTSD

Lesley Sasnett, MSW-MPHLesley Sasnett transferred from the University of Southern California to Temple in January 2015 from an MSW program into the dual MSW-MPH program. She is a veteran of the Army, having been stationed in Germany, the Netherlands, and Kosovo. As a military contractor, she served for 15 years as a trainer and intelligence specialist throughout the U.S., Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Posted:  April 11, 2017