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Student Q&A: Looking at the Big Picture of PTSD

Lesley Sasnett, MSW-MPHLesley Sasnett transferred from the University of Southern California to Temple in January 2015 from an MSW program into the dual MSW-MPH program. She is a veteran of the Army, having been stationed in Germany, the Netherlands, and Kosovo. As a military contractor, she served for 15 years as a trainer and intelligence specialist throughout the U.S., Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Posted:  April 11, 2017

One Game, Two Goals

When senior Haseeb Goheer, a biology major with a minor in public health, saw that North Philadelphia has a high rate of HIV and learned that there was no HIV/AIDS awareness group on campus, he filled the need. As the founder of the first campus branch of Grassroot Soccer, he's helped members provide more than 2,000 volunteer hours to HIV/AIDS organizations in the city -- and have fun playing soccer at the same time. "I'm a person who was always taught to help others and make a positive impact," he says.

Posted:  March 30, 2017

"I Live and Breathe Public Health:" MPH Alumna Tinesha Banks

College of Public Health Alumna Tinesha BanksSince graduating from Temple’s Master of Public Health (MPH) program in 2003, Tinesha Banks has held leadership positions in a range of healthcare services organizations, including 10 years as deputy executive director at the Health Promotion Council. Now Banks is vice president of health access and service delivery at AccessMatters, a Philadelphia-based organization that works to equalize access to sexual and reproductive health care for teens and adults in need.

Posted:  February 15, 2017