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Beth Pfeiffer: On the Move

You could say it’s been Beth Pfeiffer’s year. In addition to teaching courses and maintaining a clinical pediatric practice, the associate professor is involved in several funded research projects, received the highest honor of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation, and was recently named a fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association. Her latest project: a program to get more young adults with autism on the move.


Posted:  March 10, 2017

Video: OT Alumna Deb Humpl on the Power of a Temple Degree

"Going to Temple afforded me a lot of the opportunities over my career that I benefit from today," says Deb Humpl, outpatient occupational therapy supervisor at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. "You build a community based on what you're doing, and [Temple OT] does a really nice job of allowing you to stay connected to the institution. I'm fortunate being an alumna, and having been afforded opportunities that you don't get just by having clinical knowledge."

This is part of Temple OT's 50th Anniversary Story Series--read more here.

Posted:  March 9, 2017

College Faculty & Alumni Join City's Opioid Task Force

medicine bottles of various sizes and colorsExperts across disciplines at Temple University have spent decades researching substance use disorder and working in the community to address it. So when Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney formed a task force to address the city’s opioid crisis amid an unprecedented increase in overdoses last year, Temple faculty were among the people he looked to for help.

Posted:  March 7, 2017

VIDEO: Temple OT Empowers: Alumna Marianne Dahl

"OT really speaks to me in terms of combining my strong interests in the human body and the human mind," says Temple OT alumna Marianne Dahl. She's now the program director for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Philadelphia University. Dahl says the education she got at Temple was formative for her own teaching: "It really focuses on those real-life scenarios in the classroom. It's a very active learning and teaching style, and to this day I use that in formulating experiences for my own students."

Posted:  February 24, 2017

Crossing Barriers to Speech

A service project in Guatemala designed by graduate students in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders highlights the critical need for bilingual speech-language therapy in non-English, high-poverty communities here and abroad. Start the story by clicking below.

Posted:  February 22, 2017