temple campus during quarantine

Faculty and students in the College of Public Health will deliver more than 50 presentations at this year’s APHA Annual Meeting, October 24-28. Presentations come from across the college’s numerous research labs, as well as from the Center for Obesity Research and Education, the Collaborative on Community Inclusion, and the Center for Public Health Law Research. A full list of sessions from the College of Public Health and Temple University is listed below. 

The 2020 annual meeting, held entirely online, includes a mix of live virtual sessions and on-demand recordings focused on this year’s theme, “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Preventing Violence,” and the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to sessions and poster presentations, the annual meeting will include a virtual public health expo replicating the show floor. Information on registration and attending each session is available on the APHA website.


October 25

Becoming better messengers in the time of Covid-19: Advocacy for health equity and social justice
Scott Burris

Feasibility and acceptability of a pilot intervention addressing substance use, violence, HIV/AIDS, and mental health in Latino immigrants in Philadelphia
Omar Martinez

Liver cancer prevention campaigns in multi-ethnic communities in New York City
Kerry Traub, Timmy Lin, Lin Zhu

Eating before bedtime among school-aged children with elevated body mass index: Implications for public health nurses addressing childhood obesity
Gina Tripicchio, Martha Kubik

State laws governing syringe service programs and participant syringe possession, 2014-2019;
Joshua Waimberg, Marcelo Fernandez-Vina, Nadya Prood, Adam Herpolsheimer, Scott Burris

Understanding the policies surrounding access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder in the United States &
Joshua Waimberg

The impact of change in neighborhood poverty on BMI trajectory of 37,544 New York City youth: A longitudinal analysis
Krista Schroeder, Levent Dumenci

Low-resource organizations working with a low-resource population: A qualitative analysis of Latino-serving providers in Philadelphia
Omar Martinez

Accessing services across geography: A sociospatial analysis of Latino-serving organizations in Philadelphia
Omar Martinez

October 26

Practicing Public Health Pharmacy
David Koren

Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Adherence Among People Living with HIV (PLWH)
David Koren

Chronic Disease Epidemiology
Krys Johnson

COVID-19 legal briefings: A conversation with the experts
Scott Burris

The global burden of disease due to poor water quality hygiene and sanitation
Aaron Houston

Barriers and facilitators to referring patients for lung transplant evaluation: A pilot study from the physician perspective
Ilene Hollin, Sarah Baurele Bass, Laura Siminoff, Heather Gardiner

Community-driven research day: A decade of community-academic partnerships
Heather Gardiner

Community mobility and participation are associated with greater physical activity among individuals with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders
Gretchen Snethen, Eugene Brusilovskiy, Louis Klein, Bryan McCormick, Mark Salzer

Sleep is associated with sedentary time but not physical activity among pre-adolescent youth with elevated BMI
Krista Schroeder, Martha Kubik

The technology-linked epidemiology education network (TEEN) blended learning platform: High school pilot testing
Alexis Mattei, Robin Taylor Wilson, Alexandra Ruth

Professional conduct in a world of hot topics: Preparing students for the inter-professional workforce
Jennifer Ibrahim, Anne Frankel, Jamie Mansell,  Laurie Friedman

Differences of characteristics of stroke risk factors between Asian Americans and other racial groups in the United States
Wenyue Lu

Examining the relationship between perceived neighborhood characteristics and physical activity behavior among Asian Americans in an urban environment
Aisha Bhimla, David Sarwer, Levent Dumenci, Lois Butcher-Poffley, Kevin Henry, Grace Ma

Impact of physical activity and its perceived importance on transitory mood and well-being of individuals with serious mental illnesses
Eugene Brusilovskiy, Gretchen Snethan, Bryan McCormick, Mark Salzer, Shinichi Nagata, Louis Klein

Tracking the impact of U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the legal landscape of TRAP laws
Adrienne Ghorashi

Trends in mental distress among women veterans, 2003-2018
Melissa Dichter

PrEP implementation pilot in the emergency department
Kraftin Schreyer, Jessica Jackson, Gina Simoncini, Wayne Satz

IDF definition for screening MetS and estimating risks of heart diseases and diabetes in Asian Americans
Lin Zhu, Cody Spence, Wei Jenny Yang, Grace Ma

Legal barriers to medication abortion and their impact on access
Amy Cook, Adrienne Ghorashi

An assessment of a new required MPH foundational course: Design strategies for public health programs
Jeni Stolow

Prevalence and staging of chronic kidney disease in a population-based sample of centenarians
Avrum Gillespie

From restrictions to protections: Recent trends in abortion bans and legal rights to abortion
Alexandra Hess, Adrienne Ghorashi

October 27

Piloting assessment and awareness of executive skills in a CHW workforce development program: Initial findings and implications
Christy Santoro, Niesha Darden, Auriel Dickey, Sharon Herring

Dissemination and Implementation Research
Heather Gardiner

Special Session 5: Emerging Issues in COVID-19 Epidemiology and Public Health Practice
Robin Taylor Wilson

A comprehensive look at opioid-related laws across the United States: The development of a database for researchers, advocates and policymakers
Elizabeth Platt

Group violence intervention take two: Learning from past mistakes to increase trauma-informed social services access for high risk young adults
Caterina Roman

Making a policy shift: How one community shifted from father exclusion to father inclusion in the family homeless shelter system
Karin M. Eyrich-Garg

Implementing school-based food access programs through SNAP-Ed community partnerships: School stakeholders' satisfaction
Carolyn Bresnahan

Immunization exemptions before and after changes in school-entry immunization laws' in California: A difference-in-difference analysis
Alessandra Lucci Franco da Matta, Jennifer Ibrahim

Social media is associated with higher community mobility and participation among individuals with psychiatric disabilities
Eugene Brusilovskiy, Louis Klein, Gretchen Snethen, Bryan McCormick, Mark Salzer

The role of law in promoting housing quality and stability
Scott Burris

Build law into the education of all health professionals: Gaps and opportunities
Marcelo Fernandez-Vina, Jennifer Ibrahim

Relationship between community affordances and community participation of individuals with serious mental illnesses
Eugene Brusilovskiy, Louis Klein, Gretchen Snethen, Bryan McCormick, Mark Salzer

Creating a policy analysis platform to study the impact of laws on public health
Elizabeth Platt

Paternal characteristics associated with preterm birth
Brandie D. Taylor

Examining the role of state preemption laws on local firearm violence in the United States
Lindsay Cloud

Understanding sexually active college students’ attitudes towards a potential pregnancy by contraceptive method use
Resa Jones

Awareness, attitude and perception on palliative care among Asian Americans
Wenyue Lu

A geospatial analysis of risk factors for chronic disease by census tract and spatial correlation with federally qualified health centers (FQHCs)
Krys Johnson

October 28

Inclusionary zoning policies: Cities that shine and states that preempt
Katie Moran-McCabe

Development of a trauma informed, bidirectional service learning program within a public housing–academic medical center partnership
Whitney Cabey, Aron Stark, Steuart Wright, Nora Jones, Mary Beth Hays, Kathleen Reeves

Intention to quit smoking and cessation method use among Montana and Wyoming tribal communities
Pharah Morgan, Resa Jones

Criminal history and health disparities amplified by preemption
Lindsay Cloud

Utilization of post acute care services reduces 30 day emergency department utilization among recently hospitalized patients
Idorenyin Udoeyo, Krys Johnson