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About Us

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics strives to enhance population health and train the next generation of public health scholars and professionals. We focus on providing solid conceptual underpinnings for the study of health and illness as well as applied training in cutting edge methods to address today’s most challenging and meaningful problems. We aim to provide you with the skills for lifelong learning and to help you translate your knowledge into action in order to serve you well today and in the future.


We live and work in Philadelphia, a microcosm of the world; a place to explore, and answer questions that improve the public's health in our community and around the world.


We combine curiosity with rigorous, applied methods that lead us to compelling questions and impactful results to improve public health.

Why Us?

  • Courses are offered at convenient times to accommodate schedules of working professionals and practitioners.
  • Faculty are highly skilled helping students to apply knowledge in real world settings.
  • Professionals trained in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Environmental Health are in high demand, and that demand is projected to grow for years to come.
  • Curriculum provides students with ideal balance of breadth of knowledge with ample opportunities to gain more specialized training.
  • Faculty have strong connections to regional, national, and global public health communities, as well as policy makers and industry.