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Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Interested in getting involved? Join one of CPH's many student organizations listed below (by area of study).

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Language and Linguistics Club


This club meets twice monthly to discuss a variety of topics related to linguistics and future opportunities for students of linguistics. Guest speakers from Temple and the greater Philadelphia area are regularly invited to present their research or to discuss their experiences. Activities include:

  • movie screenings
  • talks by invited speakers
  • trips to area conferences
  • panels on topics related to career opportunities and graduate school

Leaders: Thomas Gertz - tug46344@temple.edu; Hannah Braid - tug41056@temple.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jodi Reich

NSSLHA (National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
The student branch of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), NSSLHA has both a national chapter and local chapters. Members of Temple’s chapter are graduate and undergraduate students who are looking to pursue a career in speech-language pathology, linguistics, or audiology. Activities include:

  • Information sessions on applying to graduate school, job opportunities, ASHA, etc.
  • Social activities including guest speakers and group dinners
  • Community Service such as 5k runs and walks, sending letters to veterans, preparing meals for the homebound and more!

Chapter email: nsslha@temple.edu

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/TempleNSSLHA

Leader: Donna Montgomery - donna_montgomery@temple.edu

Faculty advisor: Beth Levine - beth.levine@temple.edu

Talking Hands (American Sign Language and Deaf Culture) Club
This club promotes learning & fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) and awareness of Deaf Culture, and provides an environment in which communication in ASL can be practiced and improved. The Club also serves as a discussion forum and jumping-off point for advocacy of full access to education for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students and students who require or prefer communication in a visual language. Activities include:

  • Meetings for casual conversation in ASL and social gatherings or outings
  • Inviting members of the Deaf community, such as Deaf professionals, authors, or educators, to speak to the assembled club and interested nonmember students on various topics. Speakers may also be those who work with the Deaf or have Deaf children, parents, or siblings
  • Providing opportunities for travel to events and locations of interest to ASL students, such as but not limited to Deaf educational institutions or Deaf conventions
  • Screening of Deaf community-oriented films
  • Discussion of issues of concern to the Deaf Community

Leaders: Maria Zonies - tuf95051@temple.edu

Health Services Administration and Policy

HIMSA (Health Information Management Student Association)
Health Information Management Student Association (HIMSA) is an undergraduate student professional organization in the department of Health Services Administration and Policy (HSAP). HIMSA promotes professionalism, networking and fellowship among HIM and Pre-HIM students. HIMSA organizes community service projects and volunteer activities throughout the City of Philadelphia.

President: Harmony Redding - tuf84977@temple.edu

Faculty Mentor: Karen McBride - karen.mcbride@temple.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/templehim01/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TempleHIMSA


OATS – Owls Athletic Training Society
The purpose of this organization is to promote the profession of athletic training through means such as team building, community service and programs.

Leader: Dreya Merigliano - tuf55287@temple.edu

Advisor: Jamie Mansell - jamie.mansell@temple.edu

OWL ExSPRCS – Owl Exercise and Sport Psychology Research & Consultation Society (Graduate)
Owl Exercise and Sport Psychology Research & Consultation Society is a student organization run by graduate students in the psychology of human movement program. Our mission is to provide graduate students with the social support, encouragement, structured discussion and collaboration to make the most of their research, coursework and professional experiences while at Temple University. Some activities we plan and engage in are opportunities for discussing field research (Research Journal Club), applied sport psychology events, speaker events, holding a yearly conference known as the Northeast Atlantic Sport Psychology Conference as well as other networking and mentoring programs between professionals and students.

Leaders: Aisha Bhimla – tug31272@temple.edu, Madeline Barlow - tug11943@temple.edu

Advisor: Michael Sachs - michael.sachs@temple.edu

President: Lisa Imburgia – lisa.imburgia@temple.edu

The Exercise Science Association

Occupational Therapy

AOTA – American Occupational Therapy Association
Representative: Claire Grady – Claire.elisabeth.grady@temple.edu

POTA – Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association
Representative: Justine Diclemente – Justine.diclemente@temple.edu

SOTA – Student Occupational Therapy Association
President: Sarah Forsyth - tud78603@temple.edu
Advisor: Kimberly Gargin - kimberly.gargin@temple.edu

Facebook: http://sites.temple.edu/sota/

Pi Theta Epsilon (OT Honor Society)

President: Justine Diclemente – Justine.diclemente@temple.edu

Faculty Advisor: Beth Pfeiffer - bpfeiffer@temple.edu

Website/Social Media: http://www.aotf.org/pithetaepsilon


Temple University Student Nurse Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) Organization
The Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania is a non profit organization and constituent of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA), representing nursing students throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you're interested in joining SNAP and attend a Nursing Program in the commonwealth of Pennsylvanna, please go to www.nsna.org and click on 'Member Services' at the top of the page. Once joining NSNA, you will automatically become a member of SNAP.

Student President: Jessica Sciarrone – tuf17103@temple.edu
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gill – tud19219@temple.edu 

Physical Therapy

DPTSA – Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Association
The Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Association (DPTSA) is a student group consisting of all three years of the graduate students in Doctor of Physical Therapy program. The organization consists of student leadership along with various committees that engage in local and national initiatives to support the mission of the department and the profession.

Leaders: Sarah Hammer - sarah.m.hammer@temple.edu, Alexa Rzucidlo - alexa.rzucidlo@temple.edu

Advisors: Jane Fagan - jane.fagan@temple.edu, Rebecca Vernon - rebecca.vernon@temple.edu

PPTA - Pre-Physical Therapy Association
This group is open to all students across the university. Students meet biweekly to engage with speakers from PT programs throughout the Philadelphia area. There are many opportunities to engage in community service activities with the organization. You can find more information about the PPTA on their website.

Public Health

Eta Sigma Gamma
The mission of Eta Sigma Gamma is promotion of Public Health by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared men and women in Health Education. The Temple University chapter does this by working as a team to provide our members with better opportunities. Our goals are to support public health initiatives, engage in research, promote professional ethics and networking, and provide health education about health risk to groups of people.

Leaders: James Purswani - tuf05489@temple.edu, Kehinde Oyekanmi - tue98497@temple.edu

Faculty Advisor: Sarah Bass - sbass@temple.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/templeESG/

Public Health Graduate Student Council
This organization represents and advocates for the interests of graduate students at Temple University who are enrolled in public health-related programs, provides a forum for open discussion of matters affecting this community and provides financial and organizational support for social and service learning events within the community.

Leaders: Christyna Witmer - cwitmer@temple.edu, Allison Hunt-Johnson - tuc52754@temple.edu, Grace Decost - tug62947@temple.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TUPHGSC/

Social Work

Alpha Delta Mu:  Social Work Honors Society
Leader: Sarah E. Kim – tuf38148@temple.edu

Student Collective
Leader: Hannah Smiley-Jones - hannah.smiley-jones@temple.edu

Advisor: Laurie Friedman - lauriefr@temple.edu

Therapeutic Recreation

Rec 4 Life Therapeutic Recreation Association of Temple University strives to broaden the experiential knowledge base of members by providing professional development opportunities and drawing connections with academic foundations while highlighting current events in recreational therapy. Members who join Rec 4 Life Association will have the opportunity to do this by attending conferences with other members, students, and faculty at Temple, listening to guest speakers at meetings, by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities set up for Rec 4 Life members, or by attending social events for members.

Board Members: