Sarah Bauerle Bass headshot

Sarah Bauerle Bass

Associate Professor
Director, Risk Communication Laboratory
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Ritter Annex, 9th floor
1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19122


Dr. Sarah Bauerle Bass is an associate professor (SBS) and director of the Risk Communication Laboratory. Her research focuses on health and risk communication and how public health messages are crafted for diverse audiences to enhance decision-making. She has advanced the field of health communication by applying commercial marketing techniques to the development and testing of messages or interventions. Using perceptual mapping and vector modeling methods, Dr. Bass has shown how 3-D imaging can enhance message development and tailor it for specific behavior or attitude barriers and apply findings to interventions using technology (mHealth, the Internet, Web 2.0 applications) and community-based applications.  Dr. Bass is also utilizing psycho-marketing methods to assess emotional and physiological response to and processing of health messages through visual, graphic, Web or textual message elements using eye tracking, pupilometer, EKG and skin conductance measures. She has been funded by NIH (NCI, NIBIB, NIMH, NIDA), organizations (American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association), state and city agencies (Pennsylvania DOH, Philadelphia Department of Public Health, AIDS Activities Coordinating Office), and industry (Merck, Gilead). Her current projects include studies on PrEP in trans gender women and women who inject drugs, decision making around tumor genetic profile testing and clinical trial participation in African American cancer patients, disease management strategies in African American patients with diabetes, and treatment decision making in methadone patients and current drug users with Hepatitis C. Other research has included smallpox vaccination perceptions, HIV+ patient perceptions of clinical research, and HIV care providers’ perceptions of their patients, among others.  Dr. Bass has won the prestigious Great Teacher award (2012), the highest teaching honor at Temple University, as well as the Lindback award for excellence in teaching (2007), and the Excellence in Teaching award (2006) from the College.


  • Ph.D., Health Studies, Temple University
  • MPH, Community Health Ed., Temple University
  • BS, Communications, Northwestern University