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Master of Public Health

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MPH program: 6 options for study
Master of Public Health

MPH program: 6 options for study

175+ community partnerships
Master of Public Health

175+ community partnerships

Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health (MPH)

College of Public Health MPH graduates go on to lead organizations, create policy, organize communities or continue as scientists to solve healthcare issues.

In the 45-credit MPH program, students can choose from one of four programs or enroll in one of seven dual-degree programs. Students can attend full-time, part-time, or online. The MPH program provides a credential that indicates competency in social, environmental, and behavioral aspects of health, the analytic sciences of epidemiology and biostatistics, and principles of health policy management, including program planning, evidence-based practice, and evaluation. 

175+ community partners

Fieldwork is among the most crucial components of the MPH curriculum. Fieldwork placements are designed to be practical experiences that provide students with an opportunity to apply the concepts, techniques, and theories learned in the classroom to real life experiences working in the field. MPH students have options among the 175+ community partners in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties that work with the College of Public Health.  

6 options for study 

MPH students can choose one of four programs or enroll in one of two dual degree programs.

MPH Degrees

Dual Degrees

The public health perspective is increasingly relevant to clinical fields, where population-based research and health behavior models assist in the application of preventive health services. Clinically trained professionals are discovering that the MPH degree opens new career options and enhances their mobility within their chosen fields. Dual degrees are available in collaboration with the following schools: 

  • MSW-MPH (School of Social Work)

More information on the specific dual degree programs can be found here

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