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Health Behavior Research Clinic (HBRC)

HRBC Mission

The HBRC focuses on treatment and prevention of behavioral health problems that contribute to physical and mental illness. We maintain particular interest in improving effectiveness and facilitating access to treatment among underserved and vulnerable groups with unique health risks, such as women and children, minorities, and patient populations such as children with asthma, or obesity, and individuals with comorbid psychiatric disorders. In all our endeavors, we are dedicated to advancing behavioral science within a transdisciplinary framework. We are expanding our tobacco control and intervention research efforts with new initiatives and global partnerships in Eastern Europe and near East countries.

Three overlapping mission objectives:

  • Treatment  We offer state-of-the art clinical services and consultation at Temple University and in the surrounding community to help improve individual and family health. Many of our interventions are tailored to specific needs of vulnerable populations. In an effort to reduce health disparities, we offer training to adult and pediatric health care and community clinic providers to improve adherence to evidence-based practice guidelines around substance dependence intervention. 
  • Research  We conduct innovative multi-level, community-based, and behavioral laboratory research to guide improvements in current evidence-based practice. This research is also designed to inform practitioners, public health researchers, and behavioral scientists about the psychological, social, and biological factors that contribute to the health behavior change process. 
  • Policy to Practice  We evaluate public policies to guide future research and policy development efforts designed to improve public health impact of behavioral health programs and services; and we provide evaluation and dissemination of behavioral health research and practice to inform future policy development.