Resa M. Jones

Associate Professor
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.


Dr. Resa M. Jones is the chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a primary member of the Fox Chase Cancer Center. She is a seasoned leader and educator with a strong portfolio in epidemiological research who is leading the department’s development and research growth and its pedagogical mission. Additionally, she leads the Behavioral and Cancer Epidemiology Research Program. Dr. Jones’ track record in translational research and community collaboration is important as we advance our portfolio of community-engaged research—a major priority for the department and College of Public Health. She is a behavioral, cancer epidemiologist whose research focuses on colorectal cancer prevention, particularly screening and its barriers and predictors, community-based intervention and group randomized trials, multi-level interventions, and dissemination and implementation science as well as environmental factors related to cancer. She translates national policy agendas, particularly related to colorectal cancer screening, into research hypotheses that can be tested and have significant potential to benefit the public’s health. She values interdisciplinary collaborative approaches to problem solving. Currently, as principal investigator (PI), she partnered with a local nonprofit to obtain funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to assess the association between PFAS-contaminated water and cancer incidence. She is also the site PI of a CDC/ATSDR-funded grant assessing the association of PFAS-contaminated drinking water and health. She has also partnered with colleagues and community members locally and nationally as PI of two large community-based projects to increase colorectal cancer screening. These multi-level interventions include CRCS-WISDM, which combines shared decision-making in rural primary care practice with features targeted to all community residents, and MyCRCS, a NCI-funded study, which developed and is currently evaluating an interactive, web-based decision support tool that is integrated with the electronic medical record.

Dr. Jones has extensive experience with course development and educational programming. She is a skilled instructor, having received three awards for excellence in teaching within the School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University where she previously worked. She also serves on the faculty of the Multilevel Intervention Training Institute of the National Cancer Institute and AcademyHealth.

Dr. Jones is a fellow in the American College of Epidemiology and is well known within the American Public Health Association (APHA) and national organizations related to cancer research. She has held several leadership positions in APHA such as chair of the Executive Board, governing councilor, and a member of the Science Board; she is currently on the Committee on Bylaws. Her strong ties in the profession will be of immense use to the College of Public Health as we build our reputation within the community of accredited Schools of Public Health.


  • PhD, Epidemiology – Behavioral and Cancer, University of Minnesota
  • MPH, Epidemiology, University of Minnesota
  • BA, Biology, University of Minnesota
  • BA, Physiology, University of Minnesota

Courses Taught




EPBI 8212

Grantsmanship in Health Research


Selected Publications

  • Snead, R., Dumenci, L., & Jones, R.M. (2022). A latent class analysis of cognitive decline in US adults, BRFSS 2015-2020. BMC Public Health, 22(1), p. 1560. England. doi: 10.1186/s12889-022-14001-2


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