Raven E Lynch

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Social Work
589 Ritter Hall


Raven Lynch is an assistant professor of instruction in the School of Social Work within the College of Public Health at Temple University. Dr. Lynch has a practice background in mental health and youth empowerment programming, a research background in Black and multiracial youth development, and engages in activism and scholarship around a variety of marginalized populations and identities.

Raven uses critical theory frameworks in her research and teaching, with an aim to produce scholarship and students that critically analyze and approach social systems with a lens that hones in on injustice and inequities. For her research, she seeks to answer questions about belonging, identity development and healthy coping skills, especially for multiracial youth. For her teaching, she engages various teaching strategies to meet students where they are, utilizes storytelling as a learning tool and aims to humanize the student-teacher relationship. Dr. Lynch hopes to have her students leave her classes feeling competent and empowered, but still curious and motivated to be lifelong learners. Beyond teaching and research, Dr. Lynch has experience with course development, student advising, DEI initiatives and youth mentoring. Her personal philosophies for social work practice are "social work is hard work, but it’s the heart work," and "service is the rent we pay for living."


  • PhD, Social Work, The Ohio State University
  • MSW, The Ohio State University
  • BA, Psychology, The Ohio State University

Curriculum Vitae 

Courses Taught




SSWU 3011

The Social Worker in the Group


SSWU 4001

Seminar in Social Work Practice


SSWU 4002

Seminar in Social Work Practice


SSWU 4107

BSW Field Seminar I


SSWU 4207

BSW Field Seminar II


SSWG 5007

Deconstructing White Supremacy in Social Work


SSWG 5103

Theory-Informed Macro Practice I: Groups, Organizations, and Communities


SSWG 5104

Theory-Informed Macro Practice II: Groups, Organizations, and Communities


SSWG 5108

Practice of Social Service Delivery II


Selected Publications

  • Quinn, C.R., Duprey, E.B., Boyd, D.T., Lynch, R., Mitchell, M., Ross, A., Handley, E.D., & Cerulli, C. (2022). Individual and Contextual Risk and Protective Factors for Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors among Black Adolescents with Arrest Histories. Children (Basel), 9(4). Switzerland. doi: 10.3390/children9040522

  • Lynch, R.E. (2022). Coming of Age: Why Multiracial Adolescence Matters for Higher Education. In M. Johnston-Guerrero, V.M. Brown, & L. Combs (Eds.), Preparing for Higher Education's Mixed Race Future: Why Multiraciality Matters. Palgrave MacMillan Publishing.

  • Lynch, R.E., Meshelemiah, J.C.A., & Casassa, K. (2021). A Multisite Field Placement Approach for Social Work Interns in the Antitrafficking Arena: An Innovative Model at a Midwestern University. JOURNAL of SOCIAL WORK EDUCATION, 57(4), pp. 720-730. doi: 10.1080/10437797.2020.1714520

  • Lynch, R. & Meshelemiah, J. (2019). The Cause and Consequence of Human Trafficking: Human Rights Violation. Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University: Pressbook.