Rachael Loeb

PhD Student, Neuromotor Science
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Rachael Loeb graduated cum laude from Eastern University in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in athletic training. She is a certified athletic trainer, licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine. In 2018, she received her master’s degree in kinesiology with a concentration in athletic training from Temple University (Thesis: Sensory Processing in Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability) and is currently pursuing her PhD in neuromotor science at Temple. 

In addition to her research and studies, she has worked as a teaching assistant for Human Anatomy and Physiology at Temple since 2016 with experience in both lecture and laboratory instruction. She has a deep appreciation of the human body, a strong passion for teaching and strives to provide an accessible, innovative and supportive educational environment for all.

Loeb's current research interests include the neurophysiology of the sensorimotor system and neural mechanisms of sensory processing, particularly as it relates to individuals with motor control issues following musculoskeletal and spinal cord injury. She hopes to continue her research in this area in order to improve current treatments and rehabilitation techniques for these individuals.

Curriculum Vitae