Matthew Topley

PhD Student, Neuromotor Science
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Matthew is a PhD student in the neuromotor science program at Temple University's College of Public Health. He holds a BS in kinesiology from Temple and a master's degree in biomechanics from the University of Delaware. He has a broad interest in biomechanics and innovative biomechanical measurement devices. His research focuses on the upper extremity, specifically upper extremity biomechanics in children with brachial plexus birth injuries and baseball players. Matthew's current research goals are to better understand the impact of muscle transfers on shoulder movement and the associated neuromuscular adaptations made by the central nervous system. Working with Dr. Thomas and Dr. Tucker, he is hoping to use advanced measurement techniques (e.g. motion capture, EMG and diagnostic imaging) to revolutionize surgical treatment strategies and clinical outcomes of patients in need of muscle transfers.

Curriculum Vitae