Marsha Zibalese-Crawford

Social Work


Marsha Zibalese Crawford, PhD, MSW, is emerita faculty in the School of Social Work. She combines a focus on the needs of women, children and adolescence with a wide array of experience developing organizational partnerships in the community, both public and private. Her community-based participatory research (CBPR) focus provides her the unique opportunity to apply and test theory in a practical setting in the US and globally (e.g. Israel), as well as present the results at conferences, through trainings/workshops, and roundtables. Her most recent publication is: Urban Communities and Human Services, A Study on the Preparedness of Medical Social Workers in the Treatment of Adolescent Alcohol Abusers, and Non-profit/NGO capacity building and sustainability in a global context.

Dr. Zibalese Crawford is currently the principal investigator for the Bedouin Women’s Voices Barometer in Negev, Israel. She is the co-investigator for the National Institute of Drug Abuse, Temple University translational research on interventions for adolescents in the Juvenile Justice System: TRIALS. She is co-investigator/evaluator for the training grant – “ACE IT: Advanced Clinical Education and Inter-professional Training Program” (HRSA/DHHS). During the past five years, she was principal evaluator/researcher for the following violence and/or substance abuse studies: National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention - Gap Analysis, City of Philadelphia; Evaluation of DBHIDS prevention and early intervention community an organization behavioral health disparities project; City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Restorative Justice program; the evaluator/researcher for the Drug Free Communities grant funded by the Federal Office of National Drug Control Strategy and SAMHSA; and the DBHiDS/OAS prevention study. Dr. Zibalese Crawford was also the lead researcher for the City of Philadelphia Report Card on the Well–being of Children and Youth from 1999-2007.

Dr. Zibalese Crawford is the recipient of the 2015 Temple University Outstanding Faculty Service Award, School of Social Work. She is a fellow of the National Israel on Campus Coalition Academic Network. Her areas of teaching include substance abuse/addictions, community and organizational theory, resource development, macro practice, program evaluation, and social policy.

Curriculum Vitae


  • DSW, Howard University 
  • MSW, California State University
  • BA, Social Welfare and Corrections, California State University