Jonathan Marchetto

Jonathan Marchetto

PhD Student, Neuromotor Science
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Jonathan is a third year PhD student in the neuromotor science program under the advisement of Dr. W. Geoffrey Wright. He joined Temple University in 2017 as a recipient of the prestigious Presidential Fellowship and a member of the Motion-Action-Perception Laboratory. Jonathan previously earned his MA in exercise science and BA in psychology at Montclair State University. There, he served roles as a research assistant and adjunct professor.

Jonathan’s research interests include oculomotor control, traumatic brain injury, virtual reality and tactical knowledge. He was recently awarded Temple University’s Summer Research Grants Initiative for a project investigating the near-reflex triad in patients with mild TBI. Additionally, he has published a manuscript in Human Factors, The Validity of an Oculus Rift to Assess Postural Changes During Balance Tasks.

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