Jeffrey Draine

Social Work
School of Social Work


Jeffrey Draine's primary research interests are rehabilitation, empowerment and recovery oriented services for people involved with the justice system who also live with behavioral health concerns. These include psychiatric disabilities, HIV, and addiction. After undergraduate education in rehabilitation and urban affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University, he received his social work Training at Temple University in social planning, and his Ph.D. at University of Pennsylvania in social welfare. He is also affiliated with the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion. He began his career as an activist for homelessness and housing related causes in Richmond, Virginia. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare.


  • PhD, Social Welfare, University of Pennsylvania
  • MSW, Social Planning and Policy, Temple University
  • BS, Rehabilitation Services, Virginia Commonwealth University

Curriculum Vitae 

Selected Publications

  • Wilson, A.B., Ishler, K.J., Morgan, R., Phillips, J., Draine, J., & Farkas, K.J. (2020). Examining Criminogenic Risk Levels Among People with Mental Illness Incarcerated in US Jails and Prisons. J Behav Health Serv Res. United States. doi: 10.1007/s11414-020-09737-x

  • Thomas, E.C., Bilger, A., Wilson, A.B., & Draine, J. (2019). Conceptualizing restorative justice for people with mental illnesses leaving prison or jail. Am J Orthopsychiatry, 89(6), pp. 693-703. United States. doi: 10.1037/ort0000316

  • Muñoz-Laboy, M., Martinez, O., Draine, J., Guilamo-Ramos, V., Severson, N., Levine, E., & Benjamin, G. (2018). The Assets and Challenges of Formerly Incarcerated Latino Men's Social Support Networks in Promoting Healthy Behaviors. J Urban Health, 95(4), pp. 534-546. United States. doi: 10.1007/s11524-017-0183-9

  • Bohrman, C., Wilson, A.B., Watson, A., & Draine, J. (2018). How Police Officers Assess for Mental Illnesses. Vict Offender, 13(8), pp. 1077-1092. United States. Retrieved from