Jeanne Coviello

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Mitten Hall Room 201E


Jeanne Coviello is co-academic fieldwork coordinator and assistant professor in the occupational therapy program in the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in the College of Public Health. In addition to teaching, she shares responsibilities with her co-coordinator in procuring placements and supporting OT students and fieldwork educators during clinical fieldwork experiences. She also collaborates with community and clinical partners to develop student programs in emergent practice areas. 

She has over 30 years' experience as an OT and is an active member of both AOTA and POTA. She has extensive experience working in adult rehabilitation settings, both at a staff and clinical management level.

She graduated from Towson University with a BS degree in OT. Jeanne earned her OTD at Thomas Jefferson University with the focus of her research on students’ development of clinical reasoning during Level II fieldwork.


  • OTD, Thomas Jefferson University
  • BS, Occupational Therapy, Towson University

Curriculum Vitae 

Courses Taught




OTHR 5013

Medical Perspectives in Occupational Therapy


OTHR 5014

Person-Environment Dynamics in Occupation


OTHR 5161

Occupational Therapy Service Delivery & Management


OTHR 5185

Occupational Therapy Practice: Fieldwork IA


OTHR 5222

Occupational Therapy Practice: Adults and Older Adults


OTHR 5287

Intensive Occupational Therapy Practice: Fieldwork IIA


OTHR 5288

Intensive Occupational Therapy Practice: Fieldwork IIB


OTHR 8003

Clinical Skills II: Fundamentals of Practice


OTHR 8105

Clinical Skills IV: Professional Reasoning in Occupational Therapy


Selected Publications

  • Rothacker, E., Potvin, M., Coviello, J., Keene, L., Pettigrew, T., Taylor, C., & Thomas, M. (2021). How I Developed Clinical Reasoning Skills During Fieldwork: Perspectives of OT Assistant Students. AMERICAN JOURNAL of OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, 75. doi: 10.5014/ajot.2021.75S2-RP137

  • Potvin, M., Coviello, J.M., Rothacker, E., Taylor, C., Pettigrew, T., Thomas, M.B., & Lockhart-Keene, L. (2021). Clinical and Professional Reasoning Development in Level II Fieldwork: Occupational Therapy Assistant Students’ Perception. Journal of Occupational Therapy Education, 5(3). doi: 10.26681/jote.2021.050311

  • Calabrese, J.A., Coviello, J.M., Grasso, A.Y., Otchet, K.A., Pugh, E.A., Thomas, M.B., & Trivinia, B. (2021). Use of a Webinar to Assess Fieldwork Educator Readiness to Provide Occupational Therapy Services and Supervise Students Through Telehealth. Journal of Occupational Therapy Education, 5(2). doi: 10.26681/jote.2021.050212

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  • Coviello, J., Lockhart-Keene, L., & Potvin, M.C. (2019). OTA Students' Perspectives About the Development of Clinical Reasoning. AMERICAN JOURNAL of OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, 73(4). doi: 10.5014/ajot.2019.73S1-PO5012

  • Coviello, J.M., Potvin, M.C., & Lockhart-Keene, L. (2019). Occupational Therapy Assistant Students’ Perspectives About the Development of Clinical Reasoning. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 7(2). doi: 10.15453/2168-6408.1533