Gretchen Snethen

Associate Professor
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
1700 N. Broad


Gretchen Snethen is an associate professor in the Recreational Therapy program within the department of Rehabilitation Sciences and the assistant director for the NIDILRR funded Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion. Her professional experience consists of direct and managerial work with youth and adults with mental illness. Her research focuses on understanding the relationship between environmental factors and community participation; using the community to promote physical activity engagement; and developing interventions that use recreation and leisure as a means to promote independence in the community. In addition to her research, Gretchen remains connected to the recreational therapy profession through her leadership with the American Therapeutic Recreation Association Evidence-Based Practice Taskforce.


  • PhD, Leisure Behavior, Indiana University
  • MS, Recreational Therapy Administration, East Carolina University
  • BA, English, The University of Kansas

Curriculum Vitae 

Courses Taught




RCTH 5204

Recreational Therapy and Assistive Technology


RCTH 5261

Disability Seminar on Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Conditions


Selected Publications

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