Cheryl A. Hyde

Associate Professor
Social Work
1301 Cecil B Moore Ave


Dr. Cheryl A. Hyde is an associate professor in the School of Social Work. Her areas of scholarship include anti-oppressive praxis, community and organizational transformation, social movements and societal change, and macro practice ethics. Dr. Hyde was the principal investigator on the multi-year research project, “Building Capacities/Making Connections: A Multi-Year Study of Human and Social Capital Development through the HIP Career Pathways Initiative,” (Administration for Children & Families/DHHS). She also served as the principal investigator and coordinator for two behavioral health training grants: “ACE IT: Advanced Clinical Education and Interprofessional Training Program” and "SWAN (Social Work Addressing Needs) Scholarship Program," both funded by HRSA/DHHS. Dr. Hyde is co-author, with Dr. Marcia Cohen, of Empowering Workers and Clients for Organizational Change (Lyceum Press), has published over 60 articles and book chapters, and presented widely at social work and social science conferences. Her current research focuses on the impact of contingency labor on human service agency culture, service delivery and workforce development.

Dr. Hyde was inducted as a research fellow into the Society for Social Work Research (SSWR), where she was the founding co-chair of the Community & Neighborhood Research Cluster and current co-chair of the Community Research Special Interest Group. She is a past recipient of the Contributions to Feminist Scholarship Award, presented by the CSWE Commission on the Role and Status of Women. During the 2021-2022 academic year, Dr. Hyde will be a faculty fellow for the Public Policy Lab, College of Liberal Arts, Temple University.

Her areas of teaching include community and policy practice, organizational change, social work ethics and social justice. Dr. Hyde has developed and led numerous educational workshops at national social work conferences in the areas of multicultural/anti-oppressive teaching, ethics and student engagement. In 2021, she received the College of Public Health’s Excellence in Teaching Award.

Dr. Hyde serves on several social work and social science editorial boards, and is the former editor of the Journal of Progressive Human Services. She is a current board member and past president of the Association for Community Organization and Social Action (ACOSA). Dr. Hyde facilitates trainings on a variety of topics including human service ethics, inclusivity, creating learning organizations, supervision and trauma-informed community practice.


  • PhD, Sociology and Social Work, University of Michigan
  • MSW, Community Organization, University of Michigan
  • BA, Community Studies & the Peasantry, Mount Holyoke College

Curriculum Vitae 

Courses Taught




SSWG 5104

Theory-Informed Macro Practice II: Groups, Organizations, and Communities


SSWG 8107

Macro Practice in Organizational, Community and Policy Arenas


SSWG 8111

Legislative Advocacy


SSWG 8113

Resource and Grant Development for Human Services


SSWG 8116

Grassroots Mobilization: In the US and Internationally


SSWG 8207

Social Work Research: Communities and Policy Arenas and Management/Planning


SSWG 8832

Wealth, Poverty, and In Between: Implications of Class Identity and Stratification on Social Work


Selected Publications

  • Nishino, H., Seo, S., & Hatano, E. (2022). Letter to the editor. J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Sci, 29(5), pp. e46-e47. Japan. doi: 10.1002/jhbp.1125

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  • Hyde, C.A. (2020). Does Contingency Work in Human Service Agencies Compromise Practice and Practice Ethics?: An Exploratory Study. Ethics and Social Welfare, 14(1), pp. 39-51. doi: 10.1080/17496535.2020.1712447

  • Hyde, C.A. (2018). Trump, Sen, and Social Work: Some Reflections. Ethics and Social Welfare, 12(4), pp. 407-413. doi: 10.1080/17496535.2018.1556510

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