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"We Learn As Much From Them As They Learn From Us"

Temple University College of Public Health Community Partner SPIN Inc.SPIN, Inc. is a partner of the College of Public Health that hosts Temple student interns. To learn more about hosting student interns, click here.

SPIN’s history of partnering with Temple’s Department of Therapeutic Recreation is almost as old as the organization itself. SPIN has served people of all ages with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1970, and has long hosted student interns from Temple’s therapeutic recreation program in its adult day and early intervention programs.

Interns develop and facilitate recreation programs, coordinate events, conduct research, and develop plans to improve services. “Our classrooms have 20 low-income children, many with special needs, and only two staff,” says early childhood program director Marylou Haughney. “Temple TR interns give our children the special one on one support that promotes a strong self-image and classroom success.”

Several Temple interns have become SPIN staff after graduating, including Executive Director Judith Dotzman and Antoinette Hinkle (pictured), lead assisting director of the organization’s day program. “I started my journey at SPIN as a TR student over 12 years ago,” Hinkle says. “Since then I have been a mentor and supervisor for many Temple TR students. Their enthusiasm and excitement for TR always refreshes our staff, and we learn as much from them as they learn from us.”

Posted:  November 8, 2016