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Social work professor awarded nearly $1.5 Million

Grant to fund four-year study exploring relationships between social support
and workforce success

Cheryl Hyde, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work, was awarded nearly $1.5 million by the Administration for Children and Families/DHHS for her project:  Building Capacities/Making Connections: A Multi-Year Study of Human and Social Capital Development through the HIP Career Pathways Initiative. 
Dr. Hyde and Karin Garg, Ph.D., LCSW, Associate Professor of Social Work will partner with CPH’s Center for Social Policy & Community Development in the four-year study of the Center’s “HIP Career Pathways Initiative.” 
The HIP Career Pathways Initiative, a joint effort between the Center and CPH’s Health Information Management Department, is a workforce development program that offers five tiers of education and training opportunities — from entry level and advanced certification programs to Associate, Baccalaureate and Master level degrees — to prepare students for careers in health information technology – an area of increasing demand and job growth.
Dr. Hyde’s study will focus on how the relationships between individual capacity building, or human capital, and access to positive network options, or social capital, is important because the kind and quality of resources and support provided by these networks can influence an individual’s success in workforce development programs such as HIP. Understanding community factors provides critical information about how an individual’s broader environment can help or hinder success.
“This research will underscore the importance of incorporating community and social network factors into workforce development and similar initiatives for economically disadvantaged individuals,” said Dr. Hyde. “This is a great opportunity to influence anti-poverty programs and policies.”
The project also includes CPH’s Mark Salzer, Ph.D., Marsha Zibalese-Crawford, D.S.W, Cindy Marselis, MBA, M.S., RHIA, and Eugene Brusilovskiy, M.U.S.A.
Posted:  October 12, 2011