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Mapping Medical Marijuana

Temple's Center for Public Health Law Research examines how states are stepping up to the task of drug regulation.

At first blush, medical marijuana as a public health issue may appear relatively benign, and states continue to pass legislation allowing it: In the November general elections Arkansas, Florida, Montana, Nevada, and North Dakota passed initiatives, further normalizing the practice. But the profound and singular challenges of this issue can be found in an area of public health where we sometimes forget to look: the lawbooks.

Posted:  November 21, 2016

Making Waves In Water Epidemiology

With all of the attention in the past year focused on contami­nated city water across the country, it’s become clear that wa­ter safety is not something we can take for granted. But there are still gaps in our understanding of how drinking water becomes contam­inated, and in how to ensure access to clean water. Heather Murphy, assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics, is developing innovative ways to address those issues—at home and far abroad.

Posted:  November 2, 2016

In HIV Prevention, Self-Identity Matters

In the United States, no population is at greater risk of HIV infection than African-American men who have sex with men (MSM): the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that if current rates continue, 1 in 2 men in this group will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime. At Temple’s School of Social Work, researchers are working to reduce that staggering statistic by rethinking the very terms that scientists use to describe this population.

Posted:  October 26, 2016