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A Match Made At CPH

Temple College of Public Health Faculty Wedding

For two faculty members at the College of Public Health, a chance meeting at the college’s new faculty orientation in 2015 has led to a new life off campus as well:  Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Jinsook Roh and Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences Jong-Ho Kim will be married on August 20 at their home church in New Jersey.  "It turned out that the new faculty orientation became a memorable one," says Roh. 

As new faculty members both adjusting to life at Temple, Roh and Kim bonded naturally.  But their relationship grew thanks to a string of pleasant surprises and coincidences, from shared research interests to the fact that Kim attended high school in Roh’s hometown in South Korea.  

“It’s been very serendipitous,” says Roh.  But above all, she was drawn to their shared values, ideals, and goals: "Pursuing wisdom, giving of oneself, and humbling ourselves with our studies.” 

Will the couple team up on academic projects as well? In light of their complementary interests, Roh has asked Kim to write a research proposal to fund research around multimodal rehabilitation. "We want to explore the benefits of a more holistic approach to rehabilitation," explains Kim.

"He's a great match," Roh says.


Posted:  August 18, 2016