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Biobanking Study: Donor Families Would Trade Access for Confidentiality

The technology to acquire genome sequence data from biobanked tissue samples has outpaced the ability to protect large databases from security breaches, raising the issue of whether loss of confidentiality risk should be discussed with donor families during the consent process.

A new study coauthored by College of Public Health Dean Laura A. Siminoff and Associate Professor Heather Traino examines how well families who donate tissue to a biobank—or decide not to donate—understand the risks and implications of a potential confidentiality breach.

Posted:  April 13, 2017

Research Highlight Video: How Does Communication Affect Organ Donation Rates?

Heather Traino, associate professor of social and behavioral sciences, and Laura A. Siminoff, dean of the college and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Public Health, discuss their paper, “Regional Differences in Communication Process and Outcomes of Requests for Solid Organ Donation,” just published in American Journal of Transplantation. You can read the full paper here.

Posted:  March 18, 2017

A Warm Welcome to New Faculty at the College

The College of Public Health is welcoming top scholars from around the world--new faculty members teaching in our classrooms, leading our research, and forging partnerships across the community. Since July 2016, we’ve been honored to add 20 talented faculty members to the college:

Katherine Bevans, Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Sciences

Susan Caspari, Instructor, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Marissa Cloutier, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Posted:  February 13, 2017