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College of Public Health appoints new Director of the Office for Clinical Practice and Field Education

The College of Public Health is pleased to announce its appointment of Kate Gallagher as director of the Office for Clinical Practice and Field Education. Gallagher will oversee the newly renamed office, which is responsible for clinical education, internships and clinical services in the college.

In collaboration with academic and administrative leadership, Gallagher will play a key role in guiding the college’s clinical and community-based internships and field placements, as well as its workforce and professional development activities. This will include soliciting and evaluating clinical and community internship sites, overseeing the internship placement process for students, and developing education programs to support student and preceptor readiness for internships.

Gallagher’s role will also involve assessing and responding to workforce needs identified by our community partners, and engaging students and alumni in professional and career development activities. Additionally, she will examine and expand opportunities for practice clinics, such as the college’s pro bono North Broad Physical Therapy Center and its Speech Therapy Clinic.

Gallagher’s appointment reflects the College of Public Health’s commitment to its clinical and community-based training. “This is a major step forward for the college,” said Laura A. Siminoff, dean of the college and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Public Health. “The addition of Kate Gallagher to our staff provides the College of Public Health with a significant resource to enhance our clinical education. It is also part of our steps toward establishing a meaningful clinical footprint in our community. Kate will be a critical player in further developing the clinical education and fieldwork that our students need.”

Gallagher brings extensive experience in social service, healthcare and behavioral health agency administration to her new role. She most recently served as manager of clinical administration at Penn Behavioral Health Corporate Services. Prior to that, Gallagher was division director of behavioral health for Juvenile Justice Center Family Services of Philadelphia. Gallagher has also served in a wide array of clinical social work leadership positions.

Gallagher earned her master of social work and bachelor of social work degrees from Temple University’s School of Social Work, which is part of the College of Public Health. She is a licensed clinical social worker and qualified substance abuse professional.

Posted:  October 18, 2017