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BSN Student Aaron Wasser: A broader view of nursing and community health

This student spotlight is part of our celebration of the Temple BSN program’s 50th anniversary. Read more stories here.

Aaron Wasser was excited to begin a BSN program in an urban environment, and Temple seemed like a great fit right away. By the end of his first semester, he was sure he made the right choice.

Why did you choose the Temple BSN program?

I really liked that the BSN program was a four-year program, meaning you don’t have to complete two years of prerequisites and then reapply to the nursing program. I have friends in other nursing programs where there’s tension because they might accept 200 students but 100 would get in. Here at Temple I could decompress and know that I had a place for four years. I’ve made some amazing friends.

When I came to visit, I liked the overall atmosphere. I felt like going to a nursing program in the city would give me more opportunities than going to a suburban university or college that didn’t have as many hospitals in the area.

When did you know you had made the right choice with Temple’s Nursing program?

As the undergraduate freshman representative, I attend the faculty meetings get to see what goes behind the scenes. I meet all the faculty members and see all the planning that goes into the clinicals. Seeing the amount that those professors do is incredible.

In addition, I really do feel the inclusivity at Temple. I haven’t had any encounters with people not being friendly or smiling. Everyone has a lot of respect for each other.

How has your experience here changed the way you think about nursing?

I definitely see it as a broader field. You could get a business degree, work higher up in a hospital, work in the urgent care field that’s growing, as a school nurse or in one of many educational positions. Getting your BSN is just the start of where you can take your degree.

What advice do you have for future students?

One big challenge is the increase in schoolwork and the class scheduling. It’s a rigorous program...It’s important to develop good study habits early.

Where do you see yourself, professionally, in five years?

I see myself graduating and hopefully landing a job in pediatrics. My overall goal for my career is to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, but that is much further down the road. A clinical setting is more of an avenue that I see myself heading rather than outpatient or home care.



Posted:  February 13, 2018