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Video: OT Alumna Deb Humpl on the Power of a Temple Degree

"Going to Temple afforded me a lot of the opportunities over my career that I benefit from today," says Deb Humpl, outpatient occupational therapy supervisor at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. "You build a community based on what you're doing, and [Temple OT] does a really nice job of allowing you to stay connected to the institution. I'm fortunate being an alumna, and having been afforded opportunities that you don't get just by having clinical knowledge."

This is part of Temple OT's 50th Anniversary Story Series--read more here.

Posted:  March 9, 2017

VIDEO: Temple OT Empowers: Alumna Marianne Dahl

"OT really speaks to me in terms of combining my strong interests in the human body and the human mind," says Temple OT alumna Marianne Dahl. She's now the program director for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Philadelphia University. Dahl says the education she got at Temple was formative for her own teaching: "It really focuses on those real-life scenarios in the classroom. It's a very active learning and teaching style, and to this day I use that in formulating experiences for my own students."

Posted:  February 24, 2017

"I Live and Breathe Public Health:" MPH Alumna Tinesha Banks

College of Public Health Alumna Tinesha BanksSince graduating from Temple’s Master of Public Health (MPH) program in 2003, Tinesha Banks has held leadership positions in a range of healthcare services organizations, including 10 years as deputy executive director at the Health Promotion Council. Now Banks is vice president of health access and service delivery at AccessMatters, a Philadelphia-based organization that works to equalize access to sexual and reproductive health care for teens and adults in need.

Posted:  February 15, 2017

Temple Occupational Therapy Empowers: Alumnus John Kirby

"We all have a personal mission that drives us, and mine is to help others," says John Kirby, who graduated from Temple's Occupational Therapy program in 1992. He is now Associate Executive Director of Operations at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Kirby says being at Temple gave him a strong foundation for his career because of the broad range of disciplines at the College of Public Health: "You have just about every health profession, from nursing to OT to PT, but also [access to] business. It gave me the opportunity to be surrounded with diversity."

Posted:  February 14, 2017

Temple Occupational Therapy Empowers: Alumna Anne Dickerson

Temple Occupational Therapy alumna Anne Dickerson smilingAnne Dickerson graduated in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree from Temple’s occupational therapy program. She is a professor of occupational therapy at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, and is director of the university’s Research for the Older Adult Driver Initiative. Dickerson also serves as editor of the journal Occupational Therapy in Health Care.

Posted:  February 2, 2017

Temple Occupational Therapy Empowers: Alumna Roseann Schaaf

"I was taught by leaders in the field," says Roseann Schaaf, who graduated from Temple's occupational therapy program in 1977. She is now chair of the occupational therapy department and professor of OT at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Schaaf says her professors at Temple were transformative: "I credit them with crafting my mind, opening up my mind, and really motivating me to become a leader in occupational therapy."

Posted:  January 25, 2017

Evelyn Stevens, MPH '14: Tackling Big Ideas, One Small Goal at a Time

Evelyn Stevens, Temple Master of Public Health Alumna

By the time Evelyn Stevens (MPH ’14) finished her bachelor’s degree in health psychology, she had three goals: stay in the field of genetics, balance her existing knowledge with skills in biostatistics, and stay in the Philadelphia area. She found the perfect fit—and then some—with a master of public health at Temple.

Posted:  October 28, 2016

Maximizing Impact: Eboney Kraisoraphong, MSW '00

Eboney Kraisoraphong received her master of social work (MSW) from Temple’s School of Social Work in 2000. In January 2016 she became vice president of strategic quality management at Northeast Treatment Centers, a nonprofit behavioral health and social services provider. We spoke with Eboney about her career in child welfare management, her transition into a new role, and how changes in accountability measures benefit clients.

Posted:  October 21, 2016