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Alumni Association holds inaugural board meeting, welcomes new members

This month, the College of Public Health Alumni Association (CPHAA) Board of Directors and Advisory Board held its inaugural meeting, where members began discussing ways to achieve the association’s goals of promoting the college and its alumni, encouraging fraternity among alumni through a variety of initiatives and events, establishing a professional mentoring and networking program, and connecting alumni to current students. More details will be shared in the future.

The CPHAA Board of Directors and Advisory Board represents both undergraduate and graduate alumni across all programs in the College of Public Health, including those in the School of Social Work. Its members have worked in public, nonprofit, and public sectors and represent class years ranging from 1978 to 2017. The newly relaunched CPHAA, led by an alumni-nominated Board, marks a new period of engagement between the college and alumni around the world. From initial planning to Board nominations, every step of the CPHAA launch has been a truly alumni-driven effort.

Board of Directors

  • Larry Rubin, CPH ’85, President
  • Janelle Lyons, CPH ’12, SSW ’15, Vice President
  • Dina Stonberg, CPH ’98, Treasurer
  • Claire Trindle, CPH ’14, Secretary
  • Carina Vichr Epting CPH ’11, Director-at-Large
  • Courtney Franklin, SSW ’15, Director-at-Large
  • Olivia Kirby, CPH ’15, Director-at-Large
  • Brian W. Lindberg, SSW ’80, Director-at-Large
  • Michael Martinez, CPH ’88, Director-at-Large
  • Blake Piper, CPH ’15, Director-at-Large
  • Mark Raymond, CPH ’78, ’87, Director-at-Large
  • Christen Rexing, CPH ’07, ’14, Director-at-Large
  • R. Marie Wenzel, SSW ’13, Director-at-Large
  • Jennifer A. Wolfinger, CPH ’93, Director-at-Large

Advisory Board

  • Maureen Cawley, CPH ’03, Chair
  • Caitlyn Bacon, CPH ’17
  • Markita Billups, SSW ’10, ’11
  • Cheryl Dellasega, CPH ’88
  • Jessica Locuson, SSW ’14
  • Carlene McAleer, CPH ’13

Learn more about the College of Public Health Alumni Association. 

Posted:  February 28, 2018