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3+3 Option

3+3 Option

3+3 Accelerated Admission Option

This option is only available to incoming Temple University freshman. The Temple University 3+3 Accelerated Baccalaureate Admission Option program provides outstanding students admission to the Temple University DPT program prior to the completion of an undergraduate degree.  While applicants to the DPT program typically complete an undergraduate major in the life sciences, health professions, social sciences, humanities, the arts, or any of Temple's other undergraduate programs, a select number of undergraduate departments at Temple University have joined with the Department of Physical Therapy to provide a 3+3 Accelerated Pre-Baccalaureate Admissions Option.

This option enables select applicants to apply to the DPT program during their junior year of their undergraduate studies and thereby enable the students to receive both their undergraduate degree and a DPT graduate degree in six years rather than seven years, provided they comply with Temple University academic requirements and all entrance requirements of the Department of Physical Therapy.

Temple University undergraduate majors that have entered into agreement with the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program for the Accelerated Option include: biology, chemistry, computer science, earth and environmental science, information science and technology, mathematics, natural sciences, physics, and kinesiology.  Incoming students interested in the Accelerated Option must be admitted to Temple, admitted to one of the majors listed above, and, declare interest in the Accelerated Option to their academic advisor and to the Office of Pre-Professional Health Studies during the fall semester of their freshman year.