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Family Reunion Conference


To Conference Attendees, Sponsors, Presenters and Volunteers,

I regret to inform you that the Family Reunion Institute is not planning any conferences for the near future. I am extremely grateful to the hundreds of conference attendees, sponsors, presenters  and volunteers who have made our conference a successful, educational and family-like experience. I can't thank you enough for your participation throughout the years.

Although I am not planning any more conferences, I will continue my volunteer work with the Institute.  I am still available for calls from the media.  The Institute still has products for sale  (See Family Reunion Institute Products section ) I look forward to being in touch with many of you as before and particularly those who may have sent me materials regarding your family.  I  wish you all the best. I hope that you will feel free to call me at 215-204-6244 or e-mail me at ivargus@temple.edu.


Ione Vargus

Conference Background Information    

From 1988 until 2007,  The Family Reunion Conference was the national meeting ground for family leaders. Family reunions are a renewed focus for individuals who want to strengthen the bonds of their extended family. This unique national conference was an excellent opportunity to start, strengthen, or revive family  reunions. This three day conference was filled with innovative ideas and practical how-to solutions, specially designed to make a family's  reunion the best one yet.  While there are many events around the country  now with the words family reunion in their titles , please do not confuse the Institute's offering with theirs.

The mission of the Family Reunion Conference organized by the Family Reunion Institute was to:

 - Renew and refresh the  commitment to the family
 - Discuss family reunion practices in depth
 - Network with  families from across the country
 - Exchange ideas with experienced re-unioners
 - Provide  special planning tips from convention bureaus, hotel and travel experts.

Human Service agency workers and consumers were also encouraged to come to learn how to use the family reunion concept and experience family strengths.

Potential sponsors and/or advertisers should contact Ione Vargus directly at 215-204-6244 or ivargus@temple.edu