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Public Health Minor

Enhance your major with the Public Health Minor, which expands your understanding of how the natural sciences, social sciences and technology can be used to help solve human health problems. Students in the minor explore the fundamentals of public health research and practice, and learn to see the world through a public health lens.

The minor’s required coursework explores the core areas of public health, preparing you to examine a variety of issues from a population health perspective. Students are trained in the fundamentals of epidemiology (the study of how diseases arise and proliferate among populations) and in health behavior and the ways in which human psychology relates to individual and population health. Additional elective courses allow you to shape the minor to complement your major, as well as your specific interests and career goals.

Completing the Public Health Minor improves your marketability in many professional paths, including social work, kinesiology, education, business, health professions, psychology, health communication and others. The minor also prepares students to pursue graduate training in public health.  

Program Curriculum

The 18-credit minor is structured as follows. See specific course details on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Core courses (9 credits total)
HRPR 1001        Public Health: The Way We Live, Work and Play
SBS 2103          Health Psychology and Human Behavior                       
EPBI 3101          Introduction to Epidemiology

Electives: Choose three courses (9 credits total)*
ENVH 1103       International Health
SBS 1104          Nutrition and Health
SBS 1105          Drugs, Alcohol and Society Perspectives
SBS 1106          Human Sexuality         
SBS 2101          Disease Prevention & Control  
ENVH 2102       Environmental Health
SBS 2201          Health Communication
SBS 2203          AIDS and Society
HPM 2214        Politics and Payments                      
EPBI 2219         Biostatistics
SBS 2301          Contemporary Slavery and Public Health
SBS 2302          Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

*Others by advisement

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