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Public Health Minor

Enhance your major with the Public Health Minor, which expands your understanding of how natural sciences, social sciences and technology can be used to help solve human health problems. 

The minor’s required coursework will help you see the world through a public health lens. Learn the basics of epidemiology to understand how diseases arise and proliferate among populations. A biostatistics course gives you a solid grounding in population and health-related data acquisition, management and analysis. Study health behavior and the ways in which human psychology relates to individual and population health. And an introduction to environmental health covers issues associated with environmental influences on human health, such as pollution, emerging diseases and global warming.

Use your elective course to learn about health in a global context. Alternatively, you can concentrate on a targeted issue, such as:

  • AIDS and Society
  • Nutrition
  • Health Disparities
  • Politics and Payments in the U.S. Healthcare System
  • Society, Drug, and Alcohol Perspectives

You can also confer with a departmental advisor to choose and receive permission to take an elective not listed in the bulletin. See specific course details on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Credit Requirements

The minor is a sequence of five courses (15 credits) plus one three-credit elective, for a total of 18 credits. 

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For questions or additional information about the Public Health minor, please contact Caite Wolak, Undergraduate Program Director, at or (215) 204-9111.