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Social and Behavioral Sciences (MPH)

The MPH in Social and Behavioral Sciences (one of four MPH degrees) is available online or in-person. It is a versatile degree, preparing students for practice-oriented careers or further graduate and professional training in health promotion, health and risk communication, health counseling and education. The curriculum focuses on addressing the behavioral, social and cultural factors related to individual and population health, as well as public health program development, implementation and evaluation. View Curriculum.

Students learn these concepts and skills in the classroom and through fieldwork placements available throughout the Philadelphia region. The Program tailors your fieldwork experience to your interests through our far-reaching professional network of schools, hospital and clinic settings, and other non-profit and for profit health care and social welfare organizations. Graduates of this program often enter the work force directly, but many also pursue advanced professional or doctoral training. 

Faculty and students in our program are engaged in research and community outreach to improve the health of all people in the region, but particularly focus on vulnerable populations, such as children, people with chronic illnesses, and people living in poverty.

All applicants will be automatically considered for available merit-based scholarships at the time they are reviewed for admission.  Students will be notified if they are in receipt of such scholarships either at the time of admission or very shortly thereafter.

Fieldwork: Hands-On Experience

Our MPH program believes in giving our students hands-on experience through fieldwork options. Fieldwork placements are designed to be practical experiences that provide students with an opportunity to apply the concepts, techniques, and theories learned in the classroom to real life experiences working in the field. The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences works with more than 175 community partners in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

What will my Temple MPH do for me?

Graduates of our MPH in Social and Behavioral Sciences are leaders in private, public, nonprofit and governmental agencies. Some students choose to pursue further education in medicine or research. Others deploy the strong skills they’ve developed in our program as research specialists, data analysts, program managers and more. Here’s how our 2014 - 2016 graduates are employed:

Chart showing employment statistics for Temple MPH graduates

Watch the video below to learn more about the MPH in Social and Behavioral Sciences.