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Community and Fieldwork

Community Lab Experiences 

Community lab experiences are opportunities to deepen your understanding of course content through experiential and service learning. These experiences occur in various courses throughout the curriculum and can range from one-time visits to a community site for observation to weekly visits to a community site to assess community needs, or to design and implement developmentally appropriate activities or initiatives that serve a community need. 

Fieldwork Experiences

Fieldwork experiences are clinically relevant experiences to apply what you’ve learned in class to real-life client, population, and organizational professional situations. There are two levels of fieldwork experiences.

Fieldwork Level I

Fieldwork Level I experiences are designed to expose the student to occupational therapy situations in a variety of settings. The Level I experiences vary from observational exposure or to actively participating in parts of the OT process under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist or another service related professional. The Level I experiences typically occur once per week during the semester.  

Fieldwork Level II 

Fieldwork Level II experiences are designed to prepare the student with entry-level occupational therapy skills in evaluation, intervention, and outcomes process. Fieldwork Level II experiences are full-time clinical experiences. 
Fieldwork Level I and II placement decisions are solely made by the OT faculty. Students may be required to travel up to 90 minutes from their place of residence using either private or public transportation. 
Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all academic coursework in order to progress to the Fieldwork Practicum or Intensive OT Practice experiences. 
Public Health Foundations – All students are required to participate in a multi-faceted public health course. Each learning opportunity is integrated throughout the curriculum. Completion of all public health content areas is required for progression to the Intensive OT Practice: Fieldwork courses. 
Fieldwork II must be completed within 24 months of completion of academic course work.