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Moya Kinnealey

Moya Kinnealey Ph.D.,OTR/L, FAOTA





Moya Kinnealey, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA, BCP. Dr. Kinnealey received her B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University, her M.S. in O.T. from Boston University, Certification in Special Education at Temple University and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Special Education from Temple University. As well as being the Department Chairperson, she teaches graduate courses in pediatrics, theory and research and mentors student research. She is involved with interdisciplinary coursework in assistive technology and early intervention.

Clinical and Research Interests: Dr. Kinnealey is interested in early intervention with children at risk for developmental disabilities, sensory integration issues with both specific populations and across the life span and the biological/emotional link in development and behavior. Dr. Kinnealey received the Academic Educator of the Year Award from the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association at the 23rd Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dr Kinnealey was one of four members of an Interdisciplinary Training Team that went to Vietnam. The Training project was sponsored by a grant through Health Volunteers Overseas and headed by Dr. Jill Derstine, Chair of the Department of Nursing, Temple University, College of Health Professions. The team spent a week providing lectures and treatment demonstrations at the National Institute of Pediatrics in Hanoi. Other team members were Dr. Margaret Shepard, RN, and Dr. Kim Nixon-Cave, PT.


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Book Chapter

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