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DPT Student Association

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Association (DPTSA) is a unique and highly engaging association dedicated toward enhancing the student experience during physical therapy (PT) school. Very few physical therapy schools have as productive of a student association that encompasses all levels of entry-level students and faculty. This student-led organization brings together all three cohorts of students to engage in physical therapy related objectives including: 

  • International opportunities
  • Community Outreach
    • Med-ible Gardening
    • Guiding Star Ministries
    • Philly running events (Broad Street Run and Philly Marathon)
    • Local school screening
  • Social event planning
  • Fundraising for class events, scholarship and physical therapy research
  • Career Fair
  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) involvement
    • National Meeting Attendance
    • Marquette Challenge (fundraising for PT research)
    • Foundation for Physical Therapy events (Log'N'Blog fitness battle to support PT research)