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Dr. Carole Tucker receives grant to improve hospital communication with Shriner's

Hospitals thrive on collaboration, but communication across large health systems can be cumbersome and can hinder patient care. Now, pediatric doctors will have the expertise and knowledge of an entire medical network at their fingertips.

A three year grant (which begins January 2015) from Shriners Hospitals for Children (SHC) will allow Carole Tucker, associate professor of physical therapy inTemple University’s College of Public Health, the opportunity to develop a learning health system within The Shriners Network.

The goal of the grant is to create SHONet (the Shriners Hospitals for Children Health Outcomes Network), that will allow Shriners Hospitals across the country to “link between e-health records and ultimately allow providers to find data faster,” according to Tucker. 

This new system relies on the experience and knowledge of SHC stakeholders, including Chiefs of Staff across all 22 of their hospitals, but also includes patients and their parents in the overall structure of the plan.

“Another great piece of this is the involvement of patients and families in the process and the governance. They’re as involved in this process as they’ve ever been – it brings a truly new flavor to healthcare that’s been missing for some time,” said Tucker.

In the first phase of the grant, SHOnet will be rolled out in Chicago, Portland, and Philadelphia and will focus on informatics, data warehousing, and creation of a science network and regulatory processes. This controlled release will allow Tucker and her team to understand the nuances of Shiners’ internal structure. After the initial phase, the plan is to roll it out to the entire Shriners network.

Article originally posted here: http://cph.temple.edu/chpsw/news/cph-professor-building-better-hospital-...

Posted:  December 15, 2014