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Clinical Education

As part of the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program requirements, each student at Temple University completes

  • Five (5) part-time integrated clinical education experiences (ICE) beginning in the fall of the first year
  • Three (3) full-time clinical education experiences totaling 36 weeks 

The first full-time clinical experience (12 weeks) takes place during the second year of the curriculum after students have completed the majority of didactic curricular content and gained clinical confidence and skill throughout the ICE experiences. The second and third full-time clinical experiences can be a single internship that is 24 weeks in length or split into two 12-week experiences. Throughout the clinical education experiences, student expectations and responsibilities rise in accordance with their level of education.  At Temple University we value diversity of clinical education experiences. Over the course of the entire curriculum, students must successfully complete clinical experiences in at least two different practice settings. Specialized clinical experiences such as sports medicine, pediatrics, dance, etc. are available to 3rd year students on their final internships. These clinical experiences are available in the Delaware Valley, across the United States, and internationally. The Directors of Clinical Education and the student work collaboratively to obtain a suitable clinical placement that meets the individual interests and academic needs of each student.

Students also participate Integrated Clinical Education (ICE) experiences during the first year fall and spring and second year summer, fall, and spring semesters of the DPT program. This model of clinical education gives the student the opportunity to apply recently learned knowledge and skills in a simulated or clinical environment. ICE experiences are scheduled in conjunction with classroom learning, and provide the student with the knowledge and skills to perform successfully in the clinical environment. The focus of Integrated Clinical Education experiences is on the foundation of clinical practice, with emphasis on professional behaviors and safety. 

Students have many options for clinical sites as Temple University DPT program currently has contracts with over 300 facilities across the country as well as internationally. International placements are handled on a one-on-one basis with the Directors of Clinical Education. Students may be required to drive up to 50 miles to their assigned clinical site, but are not required to do an internship outside of any specific geographic area.

Requirements for clinical internships may vary according to the facility; however, Temple University requires that all students, prior to participation in clinical education, must submit current evidence to the Directors of Clinical Education of: PPD, personal medical insurance, current CPR and First Aid, physical examination, FBI clearance and criminal background check, and drug screen. The Directors of Clinical Education will give you information to facilitate these processes, but please note the cost is incurred by the student.

If you are a clinical site or instructor and want to learn more about Temple's clinical education curriculum, please consult the Clinical Faculty Handbook or contact the Directors of Clinical Education.

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