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Our Community: Voices & Stories from 50 years of Temple OT

Temple Occupational Therapy is a proud community of practitioners, educators and researchers. We are alumni, current and former faculty, and students. Our influence is felt across the field of occupational therapy, and in the lives of countless individuals across the Philadelphia region and beyond.

Here you'll find the stories of those who make Temple OT a remarkable program.

Distinguished Professor Ruth Schemm on the Heart of OT

"Temple embodies the idea of community practice...of rolling up your sleeves and getting out to where the patients are--which is the heart of the profession," says Ruth Schemm, distinguished professor of occupational therapy.

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Professor Emeritus Donna Weiss on the Legacy of Temple OT

Professor Emeritus Donna Weiss talking in front of plants "When you look at leaders in occupational therapy education, research and practice--and that's nationally and regionally--you'll see that a lot of them are Temple-made," says Donna Weiss, professor emeritus of occupational therapy at Temple.

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Alumna Jessica Kilpatrick: Making a Difference in Philadelphia's Schools

Jessica Kilpatrick smiling at camera"You get a sense that Temple is very much embedded in the city," says alumna Jessica Kilpatrick (MSOT '13). "The community engagement focus really taught me a lot."

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Assistant Professor Amy Lynch: Unpacking the Complexities of Adoption

Amy Lynch conducting an activity with students in a classroomProfessor Amy Lynch is using occupational therapy in innovative ways to unpack the complexity of adoption, especially for children with complex trauma and their adoptive families.

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Associate Professor Beth Pfeiffer: On the Move

Beth Pfeiffer headshotYou could say it’s been Beth Pfeiffer’s year. In addition to teaching courses and maintaining a clinical pediatric practice, the associate professor is involved in several funded research projects and recently received one of the highest honors in her field. Her latest project: a program to get more young adults with autism on the move.

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Alumna Deb Humpl: The Power of a Temple OT Degree

Temple Occupational Therapy alumna Deb Humpl headshot"Going to Temple afforded me a lot of the opportunities that have happened over my career, and that I benefit from today," says Deb Humpl, outpatient occupational therapy supervisor at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. "I'm fortunate being an alumna, and having been afforded opportunities that you don't get just by having clinical knowledge."

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Alumna Beverly Moskowitz: Paying It Forward

Beverly Moskowitz headshot"I feel great in enabling people to feel good about themselves," says Beverly Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Real OT Solutions. She says the mentorship from her professors at Temple OT helped her realize her career dreams, and inspired her to help others do the same. "I try and pay it forward. I'm so grateful for how encouraging the faculty were that I choose to mentor people."

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Alumna Kristie Koenig: "Fearlessness Grounded in Competence"

Temple Occupational Therapy alumna Kristie Koenig headshot"Temple students are not afraid," says alumna Kristie Koenig, associate professor and chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy at New York University. "They hit the ground running. They’ve been given the skills they need so they’re ready to practice – and they also develop an attitude toward their practice that makes them ready to keep learning."

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Alumna Marianne Dahl: "OT Speaks To Me"

Occupational Therapy Alumna Marianne Dahl smilingTemple OT Alumna Marianne Dahl is program director for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Philadelphia University. She says the education she got at Temple was formative for her own teaching: "It's a very active learning and teaching style, and to this day I use that in formulating experiences for my own students."

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Fieldwork Coordinator Sheila Moyle: The Power of Practice

Instructor Sheila Moyle talking with occupational therapy students"We have students involved in organizations and sites all over the city," says Sheila Moyle, instructor in rehabilitation sciences and the academic coordinator of fieldwork education at Temple’s occupational therapy program. Moyle places more than 80 students at nearly 350 fieldwork sites each year.

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John Kirby (BSOT '92): "The Opportunity To Be Surrounded With Diversity"

Occupational Therapy Alumnus John Kirby smiling"We all have a personal mission that drives us, and mine is to help others," says John Kirby, who graduated from Temple's Occupational Therapy program in 1992. He is now Associate Executive Director of Operations at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Assistant Professor Kim Gargin Helps Students Take Flight Through Fieldwork

Kim Gargin working with occupational therapy students in a classroom"Temple OT students are dynamic, flexible, organized, and creative," says Assistant Professor Kim Gargin. We talked with her about being on the team designing Temple OT’s new curriculum and what’s unique about Temple’s fieldwork experience. 

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Anne Dickerson (BSOT '77): "OT Opens Your Eyes To Others' Experiences."

OT alumna Anne Dickerson "Temple opened my eyes to many things," says Anne Dickerson, who graduated from Temple's occupational therapy program in 1977. She is now professor of occupational therapy at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, and editor of the journal Occupational Therapy in Health Care.

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Roseann Schaaf (BSOT '77): "I Was Taught By Leaders In the Field."

Temple Occupational Therapy Alumna Smling"I was taught by leaders in the field," says Roseann Schaaf, who graduated from Temple's occupational therapy program in 1977. She is now chair of the occupational therapy department and professor of OT at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

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Kim Furphy (MSOT '98): "I Wouldn't Be Where I Am Today Without Temple."

OT alumna Kim Furphy smilingKim Furphy is an assistive technology specialist and is the program director of the master of science in occupational therapy program at Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey. "Temple had everything that I was looking for," she says. "It just seemed like the best fit for me."

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Associate Professor Beth Pfeiffer Wins Ayres Award

Beth Pfeiffer HeadshotAssociate Professor Beth Pfeiffer has been awarded the A. Jean Ayres Award by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation, and has been elected as a fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association. Congratulations, Beth!

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Better Occupational Therapy--Through Robotics

Rochelle Menonca and her Occupational Therapy students at Temple

Assistant Professor of Instruction Rochelle Mendonca is improving rehabilitation technology and helping to address the critical shortage of practitioners in her field.

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Where the Arts and Public Health Meet, A New Approach for Flint

Roger Ideishi, associate professor of occupational therapy and director of the college's occupational therapy program, is helping arts organi­zations around the country become more inclusive—and now he’s taking his expertise to one city that has a special need for it.

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